Unleash the Power of AI in Play!


Discover Knowva  not just a toy, but a revolutionary learning companion.

Powered by groundbreaking AI technology, Knowva bridges the gap between playtime and 21st-century skills. Engage, educate, and empower your child with the world's most advanced interactive buddy.


AI-Powered Conversations: Real-time voice interactions crafted specifically for young minds.


21st Century Skills: Fosters creativity and communication skills, preparing children for a modern world.

Educational Engagement: Goes beyond the basics by introducing somatic, mindfulness, and communication skills through age-appropriate games.

Safety First: Child-safe with filtered content and parental controls to ensure a secure learning environment.

Never Stops Learning: Knowva adapts, evolves, and grows alongside your child, offering new games, stories, and lessons.

Beautiful Inside & Out: A design that captivates, paired with intelligence that continually amazes.

Empower the next generation with a friend that's more than just fun.
Meet Knowva — where play meets profound learning.

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